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Mutti is a small project created by Marta Ybern ( ) and Teresa Patino. This is the first of many projects to come. We wanted to do something different and precious, always using high quality materials. We always had in mind to do capsule collections and pop up stores as we are both in the unpredictable freelancing world, its hard to dedicate all our time to one project.

All our products are one off pieces and handcrafted in Spain. We usually work up to order and we are open to any suggestions, if you see anything you like, but want it on a different colour or material write us a line!

gruñi grunibolsillo grunidentro                                                                                                         Handwarmer. Materials: rabbit fur, silk velvet, wool and leather.

bichos  bichosbolsillo bichosdentro

Handwarmer. Materials: ponyskin, leather, rabbit fur and cotton. Embroidery at the front using techniques such as goldwork, beading, tambour beading and silk shading.

fondomarino fondomarinobosillofondomarinodentro fondomarinodetalle                         Handwarmer. Materials: double satin, rabbit fur, leather and velvet. The embroidery at the front has being done with different sorts of crystal beads, metallic motifs and sequence. Using techniques such as tambour beading, raised work and goldwork.

raton ratonbolsilloratondentro

Hand warmer. Materials: rabbit fur, wool, cotton and glass beads.

caballos caballosbolsillocaballosdentro

Hand warmer. Materials: wool, rabbit fur, hand painted horses embroidered with beads and goldwork techniques.

novia noviabolsillo  noviadetalle noviadentro

Hand warmer. Materials: rabbit fur, silk and leather. The embroidery seen at the front its done with handmade flowers mixed with antique crystal motifs.

panda pandabolsillo pandadentro

Hand Warmer. Materials: ponyskin, leather, rabbit fur and mink.

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Freelance designer and hand embroiderer. Trained at Ecole Lesage in Paris and the Royal School of Needlework in London. Worked with clients such as ASOS, David Delfin and Marcos Luengo. My studio is now based in northern Spain, from where I work with different designers form all over the world. Please, for more information contact me on

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